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This is an idea for a LEGO motorcade, an official procession of vehicles. My original idea was to replicate the motorcade used to transport the U.S. President. However, this set, true to the LEGO style, is very versatile and could serve a variety of other roles, such as a celebrity's red-carpet entourage, a diplomatic escort, or even a high-speed convoy for a team of secret agents!


This set includes three original vehicles:

  • A sturdy sedan to lead the procession
  • A sleek limousine with three rows of seats and removable fender flags for heads of state
  • A follow-up SUV with an interior communications rack and removable security lights on the hood

All three vehicles feature silver metallic front fenders, opening doors, and removable roofs for easy access to the five minifigures inside. Like the vehicles, the minifigures can play multiple roles according to the scenario. (For example, the woman could be a head of state, with the other minifigures acting as a security team.)


Thanks for viewing, and I hope you'll leave a comment, even if it constructive criticism! I'm always looking for ways to make my projects better! :)

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