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New Demon Monkey Fixes!

Hello everyone! 

I recently made a few changes to the Demon Monkey. After building a prototype in actual bricks, I found a few weak points in the previous design. However, I think I finally fixed those flaws! :D

Here are the places that I improved:

First and foremost, I completely changed the structure of the Monkey's hands. The fingers can now move individually and the hand can move independant from the arm. These features make the hands much more poseable and fun!


Second, I changed a few things in the design of the legs. Although their appearence is not much different, they are much more stable now. (I somehow forgot to fully secure the legs in the first design. Not really sure how that happened! :P)


Thrid, I changed a few pieces in the Monkey's head. Once again, this change is not very visable. However, it does make a pretty big difference in the stability of the model.

I worked really hard to make this model fun to play with while still maintaining its lovable appearence. I hope you like the changes! ;)

Best wishes to all,


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