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Temple Run 2 Sky Summit


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                                                                                 TEMPLE RUN 2 SKY SUMMIT

Welcome to my latest project! I've been working hard on this one for a while now, and I'm very pleased to finally publish it! :) If you would like to see this produced as a real LEGO set, click the blue “support” button to your right (Under the project picture). I try my best to reply to everyone, so feel free to leave comments with questions, compliments, or even friendly suggestions.

NOTE: Supporting this project will NOT obligate you to buy anything, and it is COMPLETELY FREE to make a LEGO Ideas account.

This project is based on the popular app that took the world by storm! With over a billion downloads, Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. I think something that popular totally deserves to be a LEGO set!

I believe this idea could be made into a fantastic set, and as I have shown above, the set could exist as a reasonable size, with awesome figures and play features, while still maintaining its signature appearance that over a billion people have come to love.

I made this set with the main things that appear in the hit mobile game- The Sky Summit Temple, the default character Guy Dangerous, and of course, the lovably ferocious Demon Monkey. As a bonus, I included a really cool character stand.

The Sky Summit Temple has two levels. The bottom level includes a main room (That is big enough to fit the Demon Monkey) and two smaller side rooms. The top level includes a large detailed shrine room.

To make this set more interactive, I built two traps into the Sky Summit Temple. These traps include huge swinging axes and a large trap door. (Guy Dangerous better watch out when he is trying to take the idol!)

The Temple’s roof comes off, making it very easy to re-set the ax trap. Also, the front track pieces are built into sections, allowing them to be easily removed. This feature also adds the possibility to lengthen the track simply by including more track sections.

Set Includes:

  • Sky Summit Temple

  • Guy Dangerous

  • Demon Monkey

  • Character Stand

Potential Minifigures Include:

  • Guy Dangerous

  • Barry Bones

  • Scarlett Fox

Accessories Include:

  • The Idol

  • Coins

  • Gems

  • Boost Powerup

  • Shield Powerup

  • Coin Magnet Powerup


How far will you run?


Now it's up to you.

Please share and let others know about this project so we can make it a reality that you can bring home and put together!

(Posting this on fan websites and sharing it through social media are two things that will really help.)

Every support is needed and appreciated.

I know that if everyone who sees this will support it, it will definitely make it to the review stage.

Thanks, you're amazing!

Best wishes to all,



Below is a video that I made using Bluerender that shows a 3D version of this project.

Special thanks to TheLightweaver for helping me learn how to use Bluerender. I couldn't have made this video without his help. ;) Make sure to check out and support his projects too. Here is a link to his page:




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