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Sandcrawler - Microfighter Series


Build set

Hi, all!

I finally got the time (and the pieces) to put together my Sandcrawler microfighter series project. I hope you like it and forgive me for the quality of the photos. I'm a below average photographer. :(


Please help to spread the work, ok? Thank!


Building Instructions


User steff9488 asked for building instructions for this project, and after Lego Company said it was ok to do so, as long I don't sell them... here they are for free.

They were done using Blueprint 0.19 by MSX (big thanks to him) and although the final outcome isn't anywhere near of what Lego does, Blueprint it's very easy to use with a very small learning curve and the instructions it does are correct and easy to follow. Have fun!


Thanks to everyone that supported and/or follows this project.


Front re-design

Hi, all!

I wasn't very happy about the Sandcrawler front design, but with the idea of coming back to it, I published it with the best I could do at that time.

Now I finally got time and the idea of what I wanted and here it is... the new front design for the Sandcrawler. Everything is still bellow the 105 pieces mark.

I also did some minor changes like colors and reversed the back bay door.

Do you like the new front design and the changes?


Thanks everyone that supported and/or commented.



Prototype pictures

Let me star by saying thanks to all of you who supported and/or commented.

As promised, here are some pictures of the prototype I made. This is a very crude prototype (it's like an alpha) so don't mind the colors, the type of pieces and their position. Essentially I made it to test overall structural strength, and as I said before, to see if the side doors/ramps needed a 2x2 slide shoe, which they don't. Also I wanted to test a different build of the "tracks", and although they can turn, have a small piece count and don't look that bad, but once you picked the Sandcrawler up (last pic) they look ridiculous, don't they?

Thanks once again for your support and please pass the word, ok?

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