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Sandcrawler - Microfighter Series


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Hi, everyone! I not English native, so please bare with me, ok?

While working on my Microfighter - Series X1 project, I had this idea of making a microfighter out of the Sandcrawler with 100 pieces or less and now I present to you my project.

Although at a microfighter scale, my project had to have loading/opening ramps and should be completely hollow, but I couldn't do it and stay below the 100 pieces mark. So there's "only" 2 side loading ramps and a rear ramp.

The 1x2 clamps on top of the side ramps are there because when I made the prototype (I'll upload some photos later of it) it was very difficult to open them, so I had to find something to help the process. With that in mind, I went for the clamps because in that position, they look like little cranes to me.

I also added some pieces that should go disassemble in side the Sandcrawler to look like random stuff the Jawas found/stole/bought everywhere, but when put together, they would make up a Medical Droid (or better yet) a very colorful Medial Droid as you can see in the last picture (the 4 1x1 bricks are there just for scale). I thought this do be a great original idea but... WRONG!!! After watching a review about the Sandcrawler, I found out that the Lego designer of the Sandcrawler had this idea first so... originality becomes a tribute to that Lego designer.

The prototype also showed me that the side ramps don't need a 2x2 slide shoe to open and close without any problems.

As some of you know, most of the Lego microfighters series has some kind of flick missiles (ok, some have small shooters), but the Sandcrawler is a civilian vehicle, so missiles was a no go. Instead I used a mini shooter to look like the thing the Jawas used in the movie to capture droids like R2-D2.

All said and done, in the end and with the Medical Droid, the piece counter stopped at 100. Yes!!!


Comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome and I also hope you like it and support it. If you do... Thanks!


PS: To whoever says this or other project, mine or not, has to many knobs showing, I say this:

THIS... IS... LEGO!!!


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