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Brick Hotel


This is a hotel with a revolving café on top of it. The café rotates slowly so the guests can get a good view of the entire city. The rotation is powered by a battery and motor hidden in the top of the hotel. This can be accessed by removing a part of the roof. The round roof on the café can also be lifted off for access to the minifigures inside.
The wall on the back of the hotel can be opened with a big door to see all the rooms inside. The door is double hinged so less space is needed for it to open.
The rooms inside the hotel have modern furnitures and lamps. In the hallway, a guy is busy vacuuming. On the sidewalk in front of the hotel, a boy is having fun with his dog riding a skateboard. The yellow car is inspired by 70s muscle cars.
The style of the building is partly inspired by art deco hotels in Miami and revolving restaurants in India.
I hope you like it.

Number of pieces: 2961

Length: 320 mm (12.60 in)
Width: 256 mm (10.08 in)
Height: 430‬ mm (16.93 in)

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