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Classic Space Golden Explorer


Thank you Everyone! Project Will Be Resubmitted Soon!

Thank you Everyone for Supporting the Golden Explorer! You guys are amazing. Well, it didn't make it this round, but don't worry. I will resubmit it very soon. 

Thanks again Everyone!   :D

EDIT: Well, I attempted to resubmit the Golden Explorer, but it appears LEGO Ideas has some new policies that cannot allow it to be resubmitted. I even had a cool new image generated in 3D space! Here is the official reason why I cannot resubmit it:

"Unfortunately, your submission requests the release of a model or concept that overlaps with a licensed property (IP) (NASA Apollo Moon missions) on which a LEGO Ideas set has already been produced. Since LEGO Ideas has already produced a set on this property, we have decided not to approve this similar submission as a LEGO Ideas Product Idea. Our Project Guidelines and House Rules state that once we release a licensed product through LEGO Ideas, we won’t accept any more submissions based on that license."

So sorry to dissapoint you all, but be sure to check out my new BIG chromed project coming very soon!


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