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Classic Space Golden Explorer


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The Classic Space adventures have returned... in chrome gold! It's the Golden Explorer, an exploration spacecraft complete with a chrome gold Classic Spaceman and his trusty robot. Returning to once again explore infinity, this brave space explorer can't wait to see how the Lego universe has changed over the past few decades. However, he can't do it all alone. He needs the next generation of Lego space builders to build a place for him to explore...

I believe that a chrome gold set (especially one inspired by Classic Space) will be very popular among many Lego fans. I think that it will make a great possible set for five reasons: (1) It looks cool and is very fun to build; (2) It has a convenient base for Lego fans who want to display it; (3) It can be removed from the base for play; (4) It can be a great way to bring back the Classic Space adventures for the next generation; (5) It will interest all sorts of Lego builders due to it's many chrome gold bricks.

I really appreciate all of your support, but please don't just support the project: consider giving some feedback as well! I will also be happy to answer any questions. If you really like this Lego idea, please share it with your friends and other Lego fans you know. Thank you so much everyone!


Here are some more details for those who are interested:

The Golden Explorer spacecraft is built with around 90% chrome gold bricks. The set idea contains around 400 bricks total. The upper section has an easily removable roof to place the minifigure inside, and it's also built to detach from the lander base to blast-off into outer space (see pictures). It has a chrome gold Classic Spaceman (with a newer helmet design) and a really cool chrome gold robot. The creation is built onto a black display base, but is totally removable for play. 

The Story Behind It: 

I really enjoy building my own space creations, especially classic space themed ones. One day in a Lego CAD program, I selected this entire spaceship in chrome gold, and thought it looked cool. Then it occurred to me that Lego has never made a mostly chrome gold set before! And that's how the Golden Explorer was created.

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