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Hubble Space Telescope


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The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) was put into Earth orbit in 1990 by the space shuttle Discovery. It is currently operational and is an icon of exploration of space, astronomy and science and research in general.

This LEGO model of the HST has approximately 1,000 pieces and is made in 1:42 scale. I have tried to achieve the greatest accuracy in the proportions and details of the model while making it stable. To illustrate the scale I added two astronauts doing a telescope maintenance (the model is at minifigure scale). The biggest challenge during the development of this model was the solar panels, they had to be light enough for the model to be stable, but at the same time realistic. 

The model represents the current version of the HST (it has been modified in space several times during its maintenance, the solar panels have been changed twice, the current ones are smaller than the original ones). To display the model I built a custom stand.

If the project reaches 10k votes and is approved, it would be wonderful to have the necessary pieces in silver, then the model would look totally realistic.

I think that this project has great importance from the point of view of education, history and science in general, so I think that the model is perfect to be a set of LEGO Ideas, I hope you agree with me and support it with your votes. Thank you!

You can find high resolution pictures on my Flickr album


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