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Beauty & the Beast Lego Rose

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Jan 1st, 2012 I gave this to a friend of mine - to let her know that I wanted to date her but could not ethically do so - I am a teacher and her son was in my class. However in a few short months I would have been able to date her.

Despite knowing this on Feb 19th, 2012 she ended up going out with a guy her dad's age
(Love doesn't know an age - if that is what it is)

Needless to say she didn't have the courage to admit to me she was going out with this man
So I figure I would devalue her rose by seeing if lego would mass produce it

It is in Dark Red, the Glass is real glass but it does not have to be included
This is an iconic piece of Disney History and Lego could continue with a series - highlighting other Disney Collectibles - One a year - Cinderella's Slipper, Aladdin's Lamp, etc.

Although the build looks complicated it isn't overly so.

Additional Images can be found

There are so many children who love this movie and adult collectors as well - it would be awesome if Lego would include a princess with each one in the series...

Belle in her Yellow Dress

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