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Hydrogen Charging Station


Welcome in the new millennium with this futuristic Hydrogen Charging Station.

I propose this model which is made of 691 bricks.

The set is modular and playable: All vehicles can be linked to the charging pod, solar panels are tilting and swiveling, as you can see, there is a green roof top and a pure environment ambience. Some details like the sand in the corners and the vegetation betray an arid climate.

The Hydrogen Charging Station include (among others): 

- 2 cars (one hot rod modernized and converted to hydrogen, a pick-up clean energy)

- 2 electrics bicycles rechargeable by the front lights

- 1 motor bike 0 gas emission 

- 3 minifigs (an hipster, a woman and a biker)

- 1 seagull

If you want it, you can have it! but in advance, thank you for your support...

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