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Portal 2 Modular Test Chamber


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"Hello, and welcome to the LEGO P0rtal Re-configurable Testing Initiative"

Over the past few years, I have been building Lego Portal/Portal 2 'Mini-Models', and was really excited when Portal 2 was made into a level pack for Lego Dimensions. I figured that Lego would release a full model as a follow up, as most Lego Dimensions kits have full sized kits(Some of which were actually Lego Ideas kits), but was disappointed when they didn't. I then came across Lego Ideas, and instantly realized what I could do with my models. I got them all out, and remade them in LDCad to upload to Lego Ideas.(I have built most of these in real life, but my color options and piece count weren't enough to actually use for pictures)

The kit includes:

  • 12 Blank base pieces, 6 white and 6 dark grey
  • 3 sizes of filler bases, 8 white and 8 dark grey
  • 3 Floor buttons, 1 regular, 1 sphere button, 1 cube button, and 1 pedestal button
  • 1 Arial faith plate
  • 1 test chamber description panel
  • 4 Glass walls, 2 tall, 2 short
  • 2 working doors and 1 elevator(Opens and Closes, can be lifted up and down)
  • 2 short white walls and 1 observation room(2 walls wide)
  • 12 wall pieces, 6 white, 6 dark grey. 3 of each color have side studs
  • 1 gel dispenser(with the 4 types of gel) and 1 sphere Dispenser(Working)
  • 1 laser grid(Red) and 1 Fizzler(Blue)
  • 4 Security cameras
  • 3 sizes of antline, 4 of each size, Blue and Orange
  • 1 Timer panel(With a blank timer), 2 'off' and 2 'on' panels
  • 1 Light Bridge with 11 pieces of bridge
  • 2 tractor beams, 1 forward and 1 reverse
  • 1 laser emitter, 1 laser relay, and 1 laser catcher.
  • 1 Companion cube(The image shows blank sides, but they would have the printed pattern if this was a kit), 1 laser cube, 1 'edgeless safety cube'(Sphere) and 1 franken-cube
  • 1 repositionable panel and 1 angle panel
  • 1 Turret, 1 Rocket Sentry, Wheatly, Atlas, P-Body, And Chell(LDraw doesn't currently have the portal gun in the part library, so they are not holding the gun in the images)
  • 6 portals; Blue and Orange, Yellow and Red, and Purple and Sky Blue
  • And finally, 1 Lie(The cake of course)

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you if you choose to support my kit. I hope I didn't make this too complicated for a kit idea.



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