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Endar Spire


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The Endar Spire is the iconic ship from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and it's class, the Hammerhead-Class Cruiser, has featured in a myriad of subsequent media including KOTOR II, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Wars: Galaxies, and the comic books surrounding the Old Republic Series. The ship was designed in Lego Digital Designer, took about 30 hours, and consists of 3211 pieces. It has five minifigures: Padawan Bastila Shan, Captain Carth Onasi, Trask Ulgo, and two Sith Troopers. The minifigures need custom pieces, but I replicated them as closely as I could. The ship also has a removable lid, featuring an interior consisting of a hallway section, and Revan's starting room from the KOTOR videogame. It also has a bridge, revealed by folding out the top half of the "hammerhead." The "hammerhead" also features four spinning turrets, two of which are flick-fire.

The ship was mainly not built on an internal frame, but rather most of its exterior is in fact integral to its structure. It was built in two halves, joined together in the center, and then the engines were constructed and attached. The main issue with this set is obviously the "hammerhead," which would obviously require the whole thing to have some sort of (preferably detachable) mount. Similar sets in terms of piece count and size cost from $300 to $400 dollars, so the market for this would mainly be older teenagers and young adults, which is the same market that played the KOTOR and The Old Republic Videogames in which the Endar Spire was featured.

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