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Hydrogen Fuel Station


Estimated cost for the project

I tried to do some shopping test on some bricks seller websites using the parts list for this MOC.

Estimated cost should be around 120/140 USD.

If the project will be ever produced by LEGO, the cost could be lowered using a specific baseplate which can supply to use an huge amount of 2x2 grey tiles.

I hope this information will be interesting for someone =) =)


A special thanks to all 100 supporters

I want to say thank you to all the 100 users that have supported my MOC by now.
I'm very happy you like it and it's a great stimulus for me to build even better MOCs :) :)

I know the road to 10.000 it's still very long and difficult, but these 100 supporters are a little step to get closer to the goal.



Some rendering with road plates and city vehicles

I've done some experiment with road plates and vehicles to check the "aesthetic" compatibility with city theme and modulars. I hope you like them ;)

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