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Hydrogen Fuel Station


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This is a fuel station for hydrogen fuel cell powered cars.

The MOC structure is 2 plates:

  • 32x32 with 4 hydrogen pumps and a store
  • 16x32 with a hydrogen tank and a tyre pressure check site

As you can see I invented a new logo/name for this kind of fuel. It belong to Octan group and it's name "Hy Energy" is a reference both to "Hydrogen Energy" and to "High Energy". The Y also is partially made by bubbles. The new logo will be printed on custom sticker.

In the store you can find the cash, a small shelf to put something (the idea was to put some football and basketball balls and other things, but LDD do not allow it) and a small fridge with some drinks and fresh food items. The store doors are sliding doors.

Close to the store you can find the hydrogen tank, protected by a fence, and a small parking area with a tyre pressure checking tool. Near the pumps you can see also a small sign were you can add a sticker with a road map or similar and a large billboard with the fuel prices information.

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