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A Nice Day at the Farm

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The sun is shining, the breeze is cool and the birds are chirping. Elizabeth is done with today's harvest at the vegetable garden. She now is giving a few carrots to her mare. Ben is busy filling up his truck before heading to the market. Meanwhile, their child Tom is playing with the hens.

This set is about a lovely day in a perfect farm. The farm is composed of an old barn, a picturesque house and a vegetable garden with a charming greenhouse.

The set promotes traditional farming and includes eco-friendly features such as a wind turbine, solar panels and a rain water collector.

Efforts where put into creating a coherent an esthetic whole and in the composition of different spaces with there own atmosphere and charm. Great details are also featured in the vegetable garden, in the decoration of the buildings and in the design of the vintage truck.

Thank you for your support !


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