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Modern Mansion

"Mansion On A Mountain" is a modern mansion that is on a mountain. The idea behind this was a luxurious mansion overlooking the sea or a city. This is a 3 leveled mansion with tall ceiling and open space. The mansion comes with removable floors. So you can see all the levels side by side. In the first floor or as I like the call it the basement. we have a 5-6 car garage, a utilities room, and a game room. There are 3 ways to get to the second level. The second level AKA the main floor has access to the glass walled pool, a huge balcony for entertaining, a kitchen, a living room, and 2 guest rooms. There are 2 ways to get to the third level. The third floor is also where the master bedroom and bath are, And one guest room. 

I built this for a couple reasons. One being that I wanted to create a set that has never been created before and is super unique. Another reason is that you are probably wondering why there is sooooo much open space. Well, the main reason I left most of the space open with very basic detail so so that YOU can put whatever you want in this mansion, and make it your DREAM MANSION. You can add an outdoor living space if you want, or create 5 of your own cars. This is just a foundation for many people to create their own house and use they imagination. Just the idea that you can create whatever you want out of this set and add whatever you want onto this set is just an amazing reason why I truly believe that this set would be an amazing set on the Lego Store. 

This Modern Mansion weights in at 2998 pieces!!!!

In the basement we have have access to the garage from the second level. So like you can drive your car downwards into the basement from the main road wherever that may be. Then you can exit that garage to an outdoor area where you can go to the game room or go to the main entrance on the second floor from outdoor stairs. But if you want to go to the second floor living room you can stay in the garage and use the interior stairs. If you want to go for a walk outside on the basement floor you can just exit the garage from the right or use the sliding doors in the game room to lead yourself on a walk. The stairs outside on the walk can lead you to the second floor guest bedroom area. Or just another way to get the the main floor. 

The main floor has 2 balconies including a grand entry and a huge outdoor living space. The 2 guest rooms both have sliding doors to a walkway which leads directly to to the pool. The guest rooms have a shared bathroom which is also shared with the rest of the main floor. Next door to the bedrooms are a kitchen with 3 a seated island. The island comes with an oven dishwasher and sink. Right to the left of the kitchen there are curved modern sofas. If you want you can slide right into the pool or walk down the  mini stairs to a small outdoor private are. 

The third floor has 3 balconies all private for the master. In the third floor there is one guest bed with with a no share bathroom. The guest bed can only be accessed by the right most stairs. which leads into an empty room (You may want to do something what that!! hint hint). next to the guest room there is maser bed with a long dresser for cloth. But if you want more cloth storage look in the bathroom. This is where you can add a tub if you want. Along the third floor you will find a hole on the ground for the one way access to the master bedroom. In the master area there is also a mini office which leads to a mini balcony.

So guys yes there is a lot of open space but that open space can but used for you to create whatever you want. So areas that you can further develop could be the master bed and bath or the empty space on the third floor. On the second floor you can add a kitchen table if you want or a super entertaining outdoor living space. On the basement level you can add a greenery to the outdoor walk. 

The points is if this becomes a Lego Set you can do whatever you want with it. The possibilities are endless!!

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