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4th Generation Husky


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The 4th installment of my Husky series, the HSKY 4, is a brand new take on the image of the Mech. Unlike other mechs it has a rotating torso as well as a counter-rotating tower. It has a full white color scheme with translucent black pieces as a secondary color. The model first began as a police robot, but later I discovered that I could make a more futuristic appearance, and so I turned the tower 180° and began modifying it. The model has a straight-edge and tanky look, that makes it intimidating in combat. It has Z-legs, two poseable arms, and full articulation. On it's left side, a functional armored minigun, and on its right side, a shield with the appearance of angel wings.

This set would attract people who are interested in Science Fiction, like Mecha, and like large models. It doesn't have any complicated technic mechanisms, and has a part-by-part construction, making it a medium build. This is a good model for play and display. It is also scientifically credible, for the scrutinizers, with lots of features that would convince them. For instance, this robot is not a Jaeger-sized robot, and is not as small as an AT-ST. It also has exposed machinery is areas that give it a mechanical look.

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