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The Polar Express

Experience the white world of the polar Plains, here I suggest you for The Polar Express. Built specifically for the transport of goods and people on polar expeditions. This model with lego technic parts is a real challenge for the technique freack's among us.
Many hours of construction fun is given at this large and heavy model from 1600 parts.

With full load on the roof and six passengers, on the way to the base on the polar Plains to deliver the four pallets with goods.

The model is equipped with two powerful (L) engines and an infrared remote control. A robust model that easy with his caterpillar tracks rises of 30 ° can master. Under the open folding Hood are two powerful four cylinders that are powered, on the engine is the appart rotating fans, behind the large radiators. This is a model based on fantasy, and therefore different from the usual technic models.
This Polar Express model is exceptionally stable and robust developed, thereby making it playable.

This is my first model I proposal here, despite my 36 years of experience with lego technic. I hope you like it and you want to judge me positive.
My thanks will be great.

Version: 35 cm x 40 cm x 65 cm.
In the vehicle itself is place for 1 driver and six passengers on the roof is place for four pallets with goods.
You can open the hood, just as the swing doors for passengers.
The model consists of approximately 1600 parts, contains two strong L engines.
the small details such as the hammer and the key concerns for rounding.




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