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Little Falcon Castle 2

The castle to be introduced this time is a small but strong and beautiful Falcon Castle.
A castle made of about 2600 blocks. It is a small castle with a simple structure.
It consists of Big Main gate and 2 small towers, lift door, drawbridge and five-story pylon.
The Falcon Troopers are out on patrol. A closed door now, a door to be raised...
It has a moat, so it's easy to defend, but it looks like a lonely warrior.
It can be spread out or put together. On the right, a blacksmith is hard at work repairing a sword.
On the left, a chef is hard at work making something. Lotus flowers are beautifully embroidered in the water.
I wanted to make a castle to play with. I wanted to create a castle that could catch the eye.
The castle wall looks symmetrical on both sides with the order as the boundary, but there is a slight difference. You too will be able to spot the difference.

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