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American Fire Engine


Real Model Photos

As requested, here are some photos of the model I designed for my son.

Here it is in front of the fire station and next to the fire truck from that fire station set.

And here are some pics of the truck as if it were racing to a fire, with a driver in the cab and two firefighters on the back deck.

Thank you for all of your suggestions and comments!!



Color Variations

Just showing three color variations: Yellow with blue lights, White with Orange stripes and red lights, and a red engine with a red cab and blue lights.


Final Design

I made some mods to the design.  Nothing major; mostly slight color changes, such as changing the headlights from trans-yellow to trans-clear, changing the inside of the front grill from white to black, changing the rims to white (I prefer red, but those are really hard to find, so the live model has white) changing the light bars to dark bluish gray (which don't translate well in LDD, so I will post pics of the real engine later this week so you can see why I think it's better), and fixing the fenders by replacing the originals with the longer ones.  I also changed the side of the cab from a plain panel to a windowed one.

As I said before, I will post photos of the real model later this week.

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