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~Gain 10,000 supporters for a Taskmaster lego set. Your time starts now~

The Taskmaster House is now in full lego form! Featuring the lab, kitchen, lounge, hallway, phone box and caravan you can recreate some of your favourite tasks from this hit TV show with minifigures. 

The set comes with Greg and Alex, leaving you free to populate the house with your favourite contestants from across the series’. The roof can be removed for easy access, and the build is packed with easter eggs and references - see if you can spot:
  • The smashed watermelon on the lab floor
  • Patatas the cat
  • A bust of the impressed mayor
  • An (absolute) casserole on the kitchen counter 
  • A very special cake
  • A microphone for singing songs about Rosalind
  • A tragic potato
  • An equally tragic hula hoop 
  • A tin of baked beans (pre-counted)
  • The siren and coat hangers for boiler suits
  • An egg on the lab table
  • A hiding spider
  • Greg’s portrait in the hall
  • The weather vane
  • Money for buying the Taskmaster a gift 
  • A target on the exterior wall
  • Plenty of tasks
  • Ollie

A few corners and walls of the model are bare to leave room for some of your suggestions! I’d love to know what other references you'd like to see, and the best ideas will appear in the updates!

The build is 2030 pieces, and the house measures 25.6cm wide x 32cm long.

Have a great day :)

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