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Kirby: Planet Robobot

Planet Popstar has been invaded and completely mechanized—it’s up to Kirby and his Robobot Armor to save the world.

Kirby: Planet Robobot is my favorite entry from an iconic video game series, and after replaying it a few months ago, I realized it would translate perfectly into the world of LEGO, like no other Kirby game could. Show off your love of the most powerful character in gaming with this cute but complex display piece, which features:

An blend of the first two levels from the game, complete with pipes, gears, bridges, vents, and lightbulb-trees
Kirby, suited up in his Robobot Armor
Waddle-Dees at work to block your way
Clanky Woods, in all his mechanized glory

Figure details:

Robobot Armor - Contains removable Kirby! The Armor itself is posable, with arms, legs, feet and hands all separately moveable. The hands can open and close, and the exhaust in the back can be angled. I wanted this to look as accurate to the game as possible, so the joints are all see-through to emulate the magnetic connection. Additionally, a sticker set containing actual stickers from the game will be included so you can customize your Armor however you’d like.

Clanky Woods - The boss of the very first level, this mechanized version of the iconic Whispy Woods was painstakingly recreated with around 900 individual pieces. It was actually the first part of the project I worked on, because I wanted to make sure I could get him just right. His mouth cannon and arms can rotate up and down, and his clawed fore-arms can swivel side to side. Each of his legs are fully articulated with two separate ball joints, so you can pose them how you’d like. Of course, these Lego-legs can’t exactly support his Lego-weight, so I’ve included a clear cylindrical base underneath. Don’t forget to look inside his trunk for an easter egg…❤️ 

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