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Lego | Arkham Knight | Batmobile


We had a good run!

Ah with only 69 days left, I've only one thing to say- Thank you!

Thank you for all the support and love you've given this project, we reached heights I would only dream of! My mind was blown when we reached a 100 supporters! And now its 2,000+? Incredible! 

Do not worry, I will upload the model for all of you to download and build (for free!) once I've gone through it and made sure there aren't any mistakes/misplacements. I do hope you enjoy the model! 

Again, thank you all for the support. This was really big for me! 

I've got more projects coming along, one particular big guy who I'm very excited to share with you all, but its gonna take a while so stay tuned!




Containment unit incorporation!

The containment unit has finally been built!

Hope you guys like it :D


When the passenger is inside--

When the seat slides outside and down for dropping off the passenger--

Let me know what you think! 




Thank you for the support!

Really appreciate it :D


AK Batmobile Battle Mode Vr. 2

With fully 360' rotatable wheels, a smaller and more proportionate weapon launcher, and more accurate parts!


New Rendered Image!

Here's the fully rendered AK Batmobile Ver. 2!

Thoughts/suggestions please :)

Thank you! 

(Battle mode images coming soon)



Completed Models!

Here are the fully revised versions of the AK Batmobile! 

Pursuit mode

Battle mode!


Rendered pictures coming soon! Till then, tell me what you think of the new models!


New detailed front

A more accurate and better looking front clip :) 

Sorry for the un-rendered images! I'll start rendering new images once the car is complete!


Detailed Redesign

Since the game has been released, several new pictures and videos have surfaced. I've made new wheels, using gears, which now can rotate 360 degrees just like in the game, they also have the lights in the middle and details on the sides as you can see in these un-rendered images.

NOTE: The back wheels are WIP!! They will not look like that in the final product! They are bent sideways also, because of the battle mode pose. Yes, I'm aware the position of the wheel is awkward, haha, but don't worry.

I've started to work on the containment unit at the back, I've expanded the back and made as much space as I could to fit the chairs and Minifigs in.

I've started to redesign the body of the car according to the new images etc, so it becomes more detailed and accurate!

More updates coming soon, stay tuned!


Passengers Seats

After several suggestions, I've decided to add the passengers seats at the back of the car, it'll be tough given that the amount of space is less, but I'll try to make it happen, until then stay tuned and keep the inputs coming, they're very much appreciated! 

I am also currently working on the wheels and other parts of the car to make it as similar to the car in the game as possible. Thank you all!


Update 2.0 :-

Just a comparison image of my bat-mobile and the bat-mobile from the game  :)

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