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Everybody's excited for the new Batman: Arkham Knight by Rocksteady right? And we all are even more excited because we get to drive the amazing new Batmobile in the game! Another great feature in the game is the Assault Mode, and yes I have put those features as well! 

Seeing how awesome looking the car is in the game, i decided to take up the challenge and make it in Lego! This model was made in LDD where i got all the necessary parts and elements. The most difficult part was implementing the Assault Mode feature, finding ways to bend the wheels apart was not easy.

Its got a total of 684 bricks, mostly black. These 684 bricks include the Batman minifigure + His gadgets + The small riot scene + 2 Crooks.

I worked really hard on this beauty and i hope you all love it! Its pretty accurate if i may say so myself. Its got all the right angles and the right body shape.

I've got (for now) only 8 pictures that showcase the model. I will definitely upload more once they're finished rendering.

I hope all of you like this set and I hope you'll vote! 

Thanks everybody, I'll surely keep you updated! 

Heres a link to my Youtube video showing the model in LDD: 

Regards, Joker2947

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