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Ninjago Project Arcturus


This was a very wanted Ninjago 2014 set, but Lego never produced it. The Ninjago Arcturus set is one of three large sets I was planning on doing, the other two are Borg Tower with Prof. Borg, Pythor, and the Overlord, the last set is Garmadon's Dojo.

     This set includes 5 nindroids, and the 5 ninja with their elements. It also includes 4 space suits for Lloyd, Jay, Kai, and Cole. Also, this 1318 piece count set has the ship itself, two extra fuel tanks, and the air-lock chamber is able to hold all 5 ninja. It also comes with the 4 golden weapons. I hope you like this set, and I hope I will be able to make more sets for you in the near future.

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