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Lego Detailed Subway

Who doesn’t want a nice juicy Subway sandwich? This Subway comes with all the details that you’ve been waiting for including: 

-4 figures 
-Street light
-Removable bill board with a removable sandwich with label sticker 
-AC Unit  on roof
-Removable rooftop 
-Removable oven 
-Cash register -m
-2 Sandwiches 
-Tables and chairs
-Trash can
-Fully tiled inside, outside, and rooftop

I built this because a lot of people love Subway and would ice to see it hop on into the LEGO world. It is great fun to build and pose the figures just right. It would be perfect as a set because it is a perfect addition to your LEGO town and it will inspire you to build more buildings. Have fun building, please like, and “eat fresh!”

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