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Modular Museum Of Art

Prepare to see masterpieces of all sorts inside the modular Museum of Art! This unique structure offers two floors filled with artwork from a wide range of genres and styles. The museum was designed in a modern style so the building itself could be considered a work of art while providing as much open space as possible. Light shines into the building through windows and skylights. A large art installation was even built into the exterior to provide the museum with more color!

Inside, you'll find both floors divided into 6 distinct galleries. Some of the galleries represent classic paintings and contemporary art, while others are dedicated to the wide world of sculpture. A conservation area and gift shop are also included on the first floor.

At over 1800 pieces, the museum is large and distinct enough to stand out among other buildings in your city. We've had a wealth of great modular buildings over the past few years. Let's continue that trend with the Museum of Art and make this set a reality!

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