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Arcane: League of Legends

Delve into the world of League of Legends with this Ideas project based off of the hit Netflix show, Arcane. Based on the architecture style, this project features displays styled after the two cities at the heart of the show's conflict, Piltover and the Undercity. Just as in Arcane, where the social conflict threatens to tear the two cities apart; the model can be displayed as a whole or can be split in half to show off either the bright and shining Piltover or the dark and dangerous Undercity.

Features Piltover:
Being "The City of Tomorrow" Piltover stands as an example of the peak of science and technology. This part of the model includes, the Piltover council building, a Hexgate, an airship, and one half of the bride connecting Piltover to the Undercity. Sitting in the waters apart from each city sits Stillwater hold, a prison used to keep criminals from the undercity locked up tight

Features the Undercity:
Forgotten and left to rot, the people of the Undercity are those that Piltover wishes it could forget. Without the aid or support of those who were supposed to govern them, the Undercity has developed its own rich culture (although not nearly as clean as the city above). This section features builds for The Last Drop, Benzo's Shop, and one of the steel towers located throughout the Undercity. Though this one appears to be leaking the dangerous substance Shimmer onto the streets below.

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