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Batlords Return

In the mountains high above the LEGO Kingdoms, the dreaded count basil broods in a crumbling tower as he plots his revenge.

This castle was originally part of a series that I was building to show how my Modular Castle could be used as the basis for all kinds of different castles. Whilst the series was very well received, people really loved this castle, so I decided to continue honing it until it could become a LEGO Ideas submission in its own right.

Working on this, I've tried to make sure it has all the features you would expect from a fright knights castle:
  • trapdoors and secret hiding places
  • a huge, ultra poseable brick built black dragon
  • a tall spindly tower
  • skeletons
  • a ghostly maiden that haunts the tallest tower

But it also inherits all the features of my modular castle sets. It has hinged connectors that allow you to connect the towers and walls at any angle you want, and in any order. It also allows you to separate each floor, so if you want to have the walls or the towers separate to their rocky bases you can build all kinds of wider and shorter castles.

I've included a Wolfpack ship in the set, with one of their bravest knights and a squire. Are they coming to rob treasure? To pay tribute or to join in with Batlords evil plans?

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