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A Summer Saturday 3pm Somewhere in France

What is it? It is the 24 hours of Le Mans of course! As the most prestigious endurance racing event in the motorsports world, the 24 hours of Le Mans held annually at the Circuit de la Sarthe forms a leg of the Triple Crown of Motorsports and attracts 250,000 spectators to attend.

This set depicts the start of the gruesome race at 3 pm on Saturday. Prototype cars and other GT machineries just completed their formation lap and ran up to the start line, awaiting for the drop of the French tri-colour by the honorary starter to start the race. Drivers are not the only ones who have a busy day ahead, TV crew on the trackside is busy capturing the lightning moment while track marshal and race director are working feverishly on track side and in the race control. Pit wall crew and mechanics, meanwhile, have to deal with two cars that touched on the formation lap, needing an unscheduled tour to the garage for a quick fix. Although that jeopardised the original race strategy, don't worry, they have 24 hours to play catch up.
If you are dehydrated somehow under the scorching summer sun, you are most welcomed to come to the lounge for a drink.

I designed this set with the original Lego set 6395 in mind. Released in 1988, 6395 is a set with four cars and plenty of elements to play. While over the years different sets of racing cars have been released, none has the scale of the 6395 and cars are often played individually nowadays. Although a small car may already make up a good afternoon of playing for a boy, I believe a bigger set filling the picture of motorsports with contextual elements will make their playing experience more rewarding, and probably grow a bigger interest in motorsports.

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