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Hyperloop Pod and Station


100 votes crossed in under 12 hours

Wow, that was fast, and I surely didn't expected to cross the first threshold on the first day! 

Yesterday, I shared the Hyperloop project on Twitter, and Elon Musk, the man himself, liked it making the number of Twitter views explode to 850.000.  Today, in its second day live, the project is featured on the "Popular this week" section. Amazing!

This will be a very long road, but for now, I would like to greatly thank all the supporters that are making this possible.  You are the best! This is a childhood dream!

Also, some really serious weblogs are praising this project. It must be my lucky day! Microsiervos, FayerWayer


Elon, you're the jumpstarter! Thank you so much!





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