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Brooklyn Nine-Nine


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this set is from the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine as a big fan of the show and a big fan of Lego i decided to make a set i have made this in one of the central areas of the show the break room i think it is important to have it in the break room as it is were everyone in the squad can hang out and have fun it is were the best jokes and iconic moments happen and it has been through lot, over size inflatable trees make overs and more i hope you all understand that i could not replicate the mini figures exactly as there was not a wide variety of clothing and face piece on the software i used but i also hope you acknowledge the detail and effort i have but into the break room as there was also not a dart board on the software i used so i put a pizza up instead i promise the things i was unable to do will be fixed in the final product that you can buy on the shelf if i reach the support i need there are 921 bricks in this set and eight characters the names are in the same order as seen in the photo 
captain Raymond Holt  
if you like my set feel free to support and share with Friends and family or on social media with #Brooklyn 99  if you do not like it that is fine but you may like my other work 

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