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Carvana Car Dealership


Some of the reworking is being done

This is the start of the reworking. I still have a lot ahead of me, but this is going pretty well. I have been working on other projects as well, so sorry this has been slow, but I had to take a bit of a hiadus on this project for other projects and some more real life projects. But, this is here now, so I hope you all like what has been done so far. I am working towards building this project in real life, but I need to finish the redesign first, but it should be done relatively soon, hopefully by the end of June everything will be done.


Plans for a later update/re-submission

I've been thinking through plans for updating this model. So far, I need to make some changes to the roof to make it more athstecically pleasing to look at from the top down. I also want to make the roof easily removable, so I may separate it in to two different parts. With the tower, I might make it so that there can be a platform that lifts and can be pinned in place. It won't be mechanised in any way, but it can be done and pinned by hand. I want to make the roof of the tower easily removable, which will be done with tiles and a line on the inside to keep it from sliding off. I also want to work on aligning the tower properly so that it doesn't have the gaps in the renderings. The build would not have them in real life, but the way Studio works, when the elements are copied, some angle problems happen, and I just need to spend some time to fix it. I am also planning on extending both sides of the dealership so that you have 20 studs on each side so that longer cars fit much better. I haven't put any work into this yet, so no update renders, but it's all a mental plan right now. I'd love some other features that I should work on encorperating into this model, as I do plan on building it in real life.


It's been filled!

And here is what I promised, the tower and dealership filled. Now, I know it's not entirely filled, but that makes it a little more realistic to only have it partially filled. The build itself hasn't changed, just this is for asthetics. 


Some more pictures

This is just some more images that I couldn't fit in the main portion. Couple of interesting angles. I might fill it with some designs just to make it look like it is being used and is moving cars through.

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