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Carvana Car Dealership


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Welcome to the Carvana Car Dealership! With our signature car vending machine, we can dispense you your new car. We can even deliver it right to your house! Here at Carvana, our trained floor salesmen will help you through the entire process of buying your new car. We carry all kinds of cars, from brand new cars to the classic cars. We will show you the new way to buy a car online!

On a more serious note, this is a full Carvana Car Dealership. It has the car vending machine, the showroom, and a service centre. The vending machine holds 23 cars up to 24 studs in length. It connects to the showroom. Sadly the elevator does not work due to space confinements. The connection puts out at the 3 garage doors in the showroom. The second building itself holds 7 cars assuming you have the garage doors open. The doors infront of the enclosed showrooms slide open allowing you to drive right out. Next to the show room is the lobby. It is furnished fairly modestly. There is seating for 3 customers and 2 desk attendants. Behind the desk, there is a door to the service centre. One of the bays is a photoshoot area. You can take your photos for the online ad to put on the website. A little farther along, you can find the 3 service bays. Each one is equipped with a car lift and air lines from the air compressor. If the bricks and plates are rearranged, you can put a car up in the air. The tool chests are fully equipped with a set of tools to work on cars. Included is also is a delivery truck. It fully moves it's bed up and down and can extend. There is a set of 12 minifigs included in this. There are 3 floor salesman, 1 manager, 4 mechanics, 3 customers, and one customer's kid, for the tire kicking mother. This would accurately reflect the staff of a car dealership that is this size assuming it gets a large amount of service centre work to be done. If you want to see my source material for this build, you can look up the Austin, Texas Carvana location.

I don't expect this build to reach 10K supporters at all. I appreciate all of the support that I get, but what I value more is critique. I want to improve this design and resubmit it later down the road if it fails to reach 10K. I especially want critique on my brick built letters on the tower, but I'd love critique on everything in this design.

NOTE: The car shown on the truck bed is not to be included if this set reaches 10K. It is for display purposes only and to show what the truck looks like. In no way is it supposed to be included.

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