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Operation Angler

My newest submission is of a machine in the Steampunk world. I hope you enjoy it!

The Story Behind Operation Angler

At this time period in the Steam Revolution not many machines had been made to explore the aquatic world. If machines were made for such a purpose, most expeditions had failed. But, the Society of Aquatic Steam Engineering (SASE) was going to change that. They organized a meeting with their best engineers to design a submersible that would be able to descend below the twilight zone (a feet that had not yet been accomplished).

After 5 years of continuous trial and error experimentation, SASE presented the public with a submarine, which they called Angler. This was a very logical name since it looked just like one.
They accomplished their goal of building a submarine that could, based on their predictions, descend below the twilight zone!

Then, SASE selected two of the best submarine pilots to operate the machine and see the unknown world hundreds of feet below. Even though the pilots were both enthusiastic about the operation, deep inside they knew the high risk of such an endeavor.

On the day that the two embarked on their adventure, Everything went smoothly. All of the engineers checked the machine to make sure everything was perfect and safe. Once the pilots had "the all clear," they started their journey down into the depths of the ocean. They encountered sharks, squid, and large schools of fish, which all showed much interest in the large, strange, fish–shaped sub. Deeper and deeper they went. Everything was starting to get dark, so they turned on the light (it was shaped like an angler fish's lure). They were slowly watching their depth until finally one of the men yelled to the other, "We're beyond the twilight zone!".

The end.