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Canada Post - Delivery Truck

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     Set Description

     Canada Post’s Delivery Truck is the perfect addition to your LEGO city. Featuring an attractive red and white color scheme with a striking blue curve, this LEGO Ideas set delivers a high amount of realism at a budget price. This real-life delivery truck is far more detailed than any mail/postal set LEGO has produced and is a great build for consumers of any age – young and old.

     This set makes for a great collectible display set for adults as well a fun play set for kids that depicts an everyday aspect of life – the mail. The inclusion of the ‘parcels’ that come with the truck can be a very useful accessory to use in your LEGO city.


  • Truck measures 15 cm long, 5 cm wide, 7 cm tall
  • 191 pieces, 91 unique pieces
  • Inlcudes mail truck, mailbox, mail carrier minifigure, 4 letters, and 6 packages
  • Rear door opens and roof lifts off for access to the interior

      Detailed Tour

      This authentic scale LEGO Canada Post Delivery Truck model features many details, such as the advertisement billboard frame on the side of the truck. “Delivering the online world” is one graphic being used, although LEGO can also place their own advertisement for LEGO Shop At Home as an alternative.

The rear of the truck also has a printed door piece with the Canada Post logo.

A red Canada Post mailbox and some assorted mail are included.

The roof can be lifted off for interior access.

There are shelves along each wall of the truck to hold packages. The floor is tiled and can hold the larger packages.

The rear door can also be lifted open.

The Canada Post mail carrier minifigure features a light blue button up shirt with dark blue pants, hat, and carrier bag. He is holding a white Flat Rate Box from Canada Post.

The driver can comfortably sit in the seat in the front of the truck.

This set will feature these new colored parts in red as well as metallic silver.

These pieces will be printed:

The truck is built on a strong base and uses clever connections to make the detailed front of the vehicle.

       10 reasons why this would make a great LEGO set

  1. This set packs a high level of detail and real-world subject at a budget price – about the same price as a small LEGO City or Speed Champions set.
  2. There hasn’t been a postal-themed LEGO set in a few years and never in this level of detail.
  3. Canada Post quite possibly has the most attractive design for a postal vehicle. Compared to other countries’ postal trucks, Canada Post has an iconic red/white color scheme with the nice blue curve going across the side.
  4. Young kids, teens, and adults would enjoy this set. Even older adults who aren’t LEGO fans could enjoy this real-world, iconic truck as a collectible gift.
  5.  LEGO has worked with Canada Post in the past and produced two sets: 105 Mail Van released in 1984 and 107 Mail Truck released in 1985.
  6. Canada Post sells merchandise/gift items at many of their retail outlets. This LEGO Ideas Canada Post Delivery Truck would be a much more engaging product compared to their collectible coins and stamps they sell. This set could be displayed in Canada Post retail outlets in their collectibles glass case and it would stand out well in the store.
  7. There are over 6200 Canada Post post offices throughout Canada. This product could be sold at these post offices and bring LEGO to many small towns across the country where toy stores are uncommon.
  8. This set includes many useful pieces, such as the red 2 x 6 x 2 train windscreen, which was previously used on the LEGO 10020 Santa Fe Super Chief. This piece alone goes for over $20 on Bricklink and justifies the purchase of this set, for those who are interested in that piece.
  9. The printed ‘LEGO parcel shipping label’ tan 1x2 tiles would be a useful general LEGO element that can be used for other creations, as well as future LEGO sets.
  10.  We could use more representations of great Canadian design and craftsmanship in LEGO sets!

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