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Supermoto/Dirt Bike

I would like to present to you my designed SUPERMOTO type motorcycle. 

This set was designed using original dirt bike construction rules that I know very well, so it has a strong enough frame to play for kids and it is not just decorative.

This motorcycle has a simple removable 4-stroke engine. Engine is fully working and open, with the possibility to see moving parts like piston, crankshaft, valves and gears. 

It features: 
- strong construction frame
- 1 cylinder 4-stroke engine
- removable engine
- front suspension 
- rear suspension 
- steering 
- motorcycle stand

Approx. 1200 parts used

- 99% bricks of this build were taken from one of the existing sets (street bike BMW 1000RR), so this design can be used as a secondary build.
- Change colors of some parts (as mud fenders, fork fenders or number plates) on a motorcycle in green, orange or other, to be able to make it more recognisable of one motorcycle brand like "Kawasaki", "KTM" or other to be a new set.

With your support this set will create a lot of good emotions for everyone who loves to build and play motorcycles.

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