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I've been a fan of ships and LEGO since my early childhood, I was especially moved by the tragedy of the R.M.S. TITANIC. I used to get LEGO sets as a present, mostly pirate ships, which I built with great enthusiasm. In 2007, being 12 years old and having a good stockpile of LEGO bricks at home, i decided to make a replica of the Titanic in a LEGO model. I finished the project on September 7, 2007 out of more or less very ordinary bricks. Since then, it has been a decorative showpiece at home and I'm still adoring it. It would be a big dream coming true if the LEGO Company would actually create a set like this, especially nowadays as the bricks have improved greatly in quality and being able to capture the shape and form of such a model as we continue to see in other sets that are being released. And still, after more than 108 years, Titanic remains a great mystery. Best regards from Switzerland, Zurich and Thank you at LEGO in general for releasing truly great sets. Cheers, Pascal

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