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The Goonies 360°


The Goonies! The whole cave—in one play-set!

Build and relive all your favorite scenes from the Fratelli’s basement to One-Eyed Willy’s lagoon. The model consists of 4 levels and 10 “rooms” in a 360° presentation designed to follow all the action in the same order as it was in the movie:

The Fratelli’s Basement > The Pipe Room > The Boulder Room > The Wishing Well > The Cannonball Trap Room > The Skull Room > The Log Crossing > The Skeleton Piano > The Water Slide Room > One-Eyed Willy’s Lagoon

The set has a moving fireplace revealing a passage down into the cave, the rolling cannonball, two trap floors with deadly spikes beneath them, a stone drawbridge, and of course, a functional slide leading into the lagoon!

The set also includes Minifigures for Mikey, Chunk, Data, Mouth, Bran, Andy, Stef, Mama Fratelli, Jake, Francis, and of course, Sloth!


This set was a challenge to build and it took on many variations along the way, from a super-wide diorama, to an “ant farm” type of setup, while finally settling into this 360° tower of 80’s awesomeness. The 4 level, rotating build allowed me to follow the action of the movie while still managing to keep the set to a reasonable size and without exceeding the part limit.

I welcome any and all suggestions for improvement!


I appreciate everyone’s support of this project and really hope we can make it a reality. And remember…

Goonies never say die!!!

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