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Challenger No. 1


This build was inspired by the Steam Locomotive Master Build built by the talented AquaWorks.

The day that I saw the amazing Steam Locomotive Master Build project that AquaWorks posted, I was immediately blown away. Moments after supporting this awesome project, I figured out the one thing that puzzled me for the longest time: how to properly build a simple articulation mechnism for a LEGO steam locomotive.

Although I was inspired to build a LEGO steam locomotive of my own on my LDD, I did not put this thought into action right away. A few days later, I was ready.

I started building it on Monday night. It was too late to get too deep into the building process, so I had to stop. All that I had was a black base with the articulating wheels.

On Tuesday, which was yesterday, I finished off the project. Instead of making Challenger No. 1 black, I made her blue for a better look. At last, my project is complete!

This steam locomotive that I call Challenger No. 1 is 865 pieces. Features include articulating wheels, hints of gold for more detail on both the locomotive and tender, detailed cab interior, realistic coal in tender, and much more! There are also two minifigures included in this set: an engineer, and a conductor.

Note that this steam locomotive is not compatible with Power Functions. I know how to install it in a steam locomotive, but I wanted to take one step at a time.

If you want to see more images of Challenger No. 1, please request them in the comments.

Have a good day, and a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Please tell me what you think of this project, which by the way, is my first attempt at building a challenger class locomotive. Brick on, and don't quit! By cheesy. 11/22/2017

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