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Steam Locomotive Master Build


Steam Locomotive Master Build

With about 2,000 peices, you too can build this incredible, scale rendition of one of the largest locomotives ever to charge the high iron! 

This model is based heavily upon the Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 locomotive known as the "Big Boy".  The model is heavily detailed and not intended for novice builders, though overall construction is handled in a series of sections making this a faily modular build. 

Each engine functions like that on the real locomotive, with cycling wheels and rods, all connected to small hand driven gearbox. 

The roof is removable, and there is some play with the front engine, pilot, and rear boggie, allowing the locomotive to be positioned in "turning manner". 

The set includes two minifigures, one male and one female to be arranged however the builder should feel necessary. There are female engineers too ya know! 

Decals would be great too, with roadnames, buiders plates, warning emblems, and numberboards. This model is intended for educational purposes. 

It should be noted that this is not intended to be a lego city set, as it would never be able to navigate lego rail sets. The model is meant to stand static and be enjoyed much like many other lego display sets. 


this is a design in progress and would love feedback! Lets make this happen, Ive got plenty of space on my shelf! 

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