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A Christmas Carol - A Story Carousel!

"Marley was dead, to begin with…"

After Christmas cards, trees and decorations, family and presents (giving of course!), too much turkey dinner and pudding, what can be more Christmassy than Charles Dickens' timeless tale of Christmas spirit (and Spirits!) "A Christmas Carol?".

In this classic story the old, cold-hearted miser Ebenezer Scrooge is visited first by his old (but as we established above, emphatically dead…) business partner Jacob Marley and then by three further ghosts! And all of this on Christmas Eve! 
The ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet To Come help to show Scrooge the error of his ways, and he vows to change and to show more kindness and charity, starting with his own employee, the poor Bob Cratchit and his crippled son Tiny Tim.

This LEGO set idea is for an original concept - a "Story Carousel" of "A Christmas Carol"! Or maybe that should be "A Christmas Carol-sel"?! This idea could make a great addition to your Christmas decorations, and wouldn’t it look great on your shelf at Christmastime?

Turn the handle and through a simple gear mechanism hidden in the decorative box design, watch the story unfold as the carousel turns to reveal each scene! 

This Story Carousel idea features six classic scenes from the book - starting in Scrooge's living quarters as, late at night on Christmas Eve, he meets Marley’s ghost, the start of a series of encounters that will change Scrooge forever! 

We then find Scrooge’s bedroom where he is awoken by the first Spirit, the child-like Ghost of Christmas Past! 

We next see the festive, food-filled living room setting where Scrooge finds the Ghost of Christmas Present (Come in and know me better, man!). This second Spirit then takes Scrooge to visit Bob Cratchit's small house, where he and Tiny Tim are helping to prepare their meagre but loving Christmas family dinner, complete with Mrs Cratchit's plum pudding of course! Look closely at their window! 

We are then confronted with a spooky graveyard scene with Scrooge and the final Spirit! Finally, we see a Victorian London snow scene outside Scrooge's window where a reformed Scrooge finds that it is in fact still only Christmas morning and asks a passing boy to buy him that prize turkey in the next street as a gift for the Cratchits! Also featured are a carol singer and Charles Dickens himself!

This idea is a joint project between myself (NLRCreations) and my TFOL son @OncleSkinnetMiniature. We both agreed to submit the project to LEGO Ideas! This idea is an updated version of a previous submission from 2019 - we hope that you like it! All comments, support and feedback very much appreciated!

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