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Godzilla Classic Monsters Attack


I am a big fan of Godzilla, he and his cast of friends and foes alike have stood the test of time and inspired generations of people around the globe. Now, with this set concept, you can recreate epic battles with these classic Japanese monsters in LEGO-style, as well as creating new stories of your own and even customizing the monsters to your liking!

The stars of this set idea are the three Kaiju, based on elements of their designs from across their film appearances! First off is Godzilla himself, the King of the Monsters! This epic monster towers over minifigures and micro cities alike, he has many points of articulation, including knees, and can shoot a powerful atomic breath from his mouth using a stud shooter.

Next is Godzilla's rival, the powerful King Ghidorah, this three-headed dragon has huge wings and two spiked tails, His necks and body are all highly articulated, allowing him to take tons of expressive poses.

Last, but certainly not least, is the beautiful Mothra! A good Kaiju who fights on the side of humanity, Mothra may be small, but she is no less powerful than the other monsters.

A giant monster battle would be nothing without a city to serve as its backdrop! This set concept features three microscale buildings, the largest of which features a lever that can be pulled to blast it apart. The set also features two tiny cars and a helicopter, which can use its stud shooter to battle the Kaiju.

Also included is a set of power lines, allowing you to recreate the iconic scenes from Godzilla history, use them to stop Godzilla, or power up King Ghidorah. As an added play feature, one of the power poles is able to be knocked over by a monster, adding to the epic destruction!

I had a great deal of fun making these detailed and highly articulate monsters and the tiny city for them to terrorize or defend. I hope this set encourages people to try out different scenarios and battles, have Godzilla smash the city, or have the other monsters team up against King Ghidorah, the possibilities for play are virtually endless!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this description, and I hope you will consider supporting in order to help make this set one step closer to becoming a reality!

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