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Han Solo Blaster


Han Solo DL-44 Customized Blaster Pistol Full Scale
The DL-44 blaster pistol is a light, powerful and reliable weapon. This particular gun is a custom version by Han Solo.
In the famous Mos Eisley cantina scene, Han Solo shot his blaster first and killed the bounty hunter Greedo. This is my version of the Star Wars blaster made with Lego blocks. I use a 1:1 scale (full scale), so you can hold the blaster with your hand, like a real gun.
The lego model has a very solid structure. I put a photo to show the inner structure of some parts of the blaster (handle and trigger).
This lego toy can be used to recreate some unforgettable scenes of the Star Wars movies, but now you can be the hero.
Thanks for looking at my project. If you like it, please support it.
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