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Flash and Power Girl Train Rescue


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Flash's Rogues are attacking a train! This set features a 3 car train with engine, a train tunnel and 8 mini-figures.

Flash and Power Girl are trying to stop Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, and their henchman from robbing the train. On the train are 3 crates of cash protected by a police officer, a large freezing gun, and a helicopter. An engineer is also on the train.

The tunnel includes a hidden storage cave, a rock to block the tracks and a secret tunnel.

This is a great set for Train lovers or DC character fans. While the train is not designed to include the motor, it is designed to fit one in it. The set has many opportunities for play, and offers some great new characters for the collector.

If you enjoy DC Super Hero sets and Trains, please help in supporting this set. To reach the goal, please spread the word. Getting 10,000 supporters is a difficult task, and completing the task while DC and Lego are working together can help with the projects success.

Please, if you like this project, help spread the word! There are many Batman sets out there, but not enough of the other DC characters are available.

Help spread the word with social media. Love playing DC Universe Online, maybe your friends there can help.

DC Comics Campaign

In the hopes of driving more supporters to the project, it would help in getting DC Comics to support this with the Flash fans. Pleas help by contacting DC comics directly here, and hopefully this can lead to further support.

Here is a message that you can copy and send them. If we get enough people contacting them, hopefully we can see this project through!

On Lego Cuusoo, there is a fan supported project for Flash and his rogues. I am a huge fan of the Lego DC Super Hero sets, but would love to see more diverse villains and heroes available.
This set ( features an exciting train robbery with Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, and Mirror Master facing off again Flash and Power Girl.

It may be a long shot for this set to get approved, but if you could help by sharing this with Flash and Power Girl fans via your Facebook and Twitter feeds, it could help the project reach a review stage.


In this image, you can see the boulder being set to block the train by the henchman. Inside the tunnel are crates and barrels that can be put on the train for cargo. The boulder is set on a tipping lever, allowing it to easily fall to the tracks below.

Here is a design for Power Girl and the current design for the Flash. Power Girl sports a red cape and has blond hair tied back. She is also wearing the blue belt instead of red.

The Henchman is a basic figure complete with dynamite and cap.

The tunnel is tall enough for the train to pass underneath, but passengers on the roof will need to seek cover. This adds extra excitement in play for any fights happening on top of the roof.

From this angle of the tunnel, you can see the hidden cave to the right of the tunnel. The cover swings open to allow loot or other objects to be hidden. On the left side of the tunnel, behind the plants, is a secret escape cave from the train tunnel.

Mirror Master's design is a basic orange body and pants with green masked face.

In the above image, you can view one of the train cars with the money stacked outside. The sliding door opens on both sides of the storage car.

Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang are the two mini-figures pictured here. Cold would come with a freeze gun. Captain Boomerang would have a boomerang.

For the design of a boomerang, I used a tan banana. Surprisingly, it looks appropriate and has a gripping handle. It is pictured in the top image on the helicopter car, but is hard to see. The alternative would be a flat tile piece with a drawn boomerang, which wouldn't look as neat.

This last image is of the final two cars of the train. The helicopter allows for a fast get away, and has handles to allow two passengers to hold on. The helicopter can easily be removed or landed on the train car.

The other car has a laser or freeze cannon. The cannon swivels and can raise or lower. It easily detaches from the car as well.

What is Cuusoo?
In case you have accessed this page without knowing anything about Cuusoo; Cuusoo is a site where people submit ideas for new Lego sets. If the project can get 10,000 Supporters then Lego will review the project. If Lego likes the idea then they will create their own version of the project to be released to the fans.

If you already have a facebook or twitter account you can create an account by using that login. If not, it only takes about a minute to make a Cuusoo account to support a project.

If you support this project and would really like to see it released, please post this in your Facebook/Twitter or tell friends. The best chance for a set is for supporters, and getting 10,000 people is a difficult task. Thank you for the help and support.

I welcome any support or feedback. If you do not want to support the set at this time due to a design choice, please leave some feedback. I am very open to your comments and willing to adjust for new ideas.

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