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Stephenson's Rocket


Built version

I've now managed to build this model in actual bricks rather than just a digital render. There's some more detail added too, though some compromises on wheel colour as the parts don't come in yellow.

This model is not designed to work with any existing LEGO train gauges - its a much larger size and is intended as a stand-alone Ultimate Collectors Series type model. Clearly train fans will have an interest, but hopefully also anyone who is a fan of great innovation and world-changing technology.  The Rocket is truly an icon, recognisable by people all over the world.



I've had a few comments that its hard to tell the size of this model, so here is a picture with a mini-figure included to give a better idea. This model is not meant to be mini-figure scale, or match any existing LEGO train scales, but is more of a one-off collector's edition size.