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Big Red, The Quintaplex


MORE UPDATES! Auxiliary crane tender

I've put the boiler to one side and began on the tenders. I've touched up on some areas on the auxiliary tender but it doesn't look too different frankly. It is cool to see a massive crane on a steam train though. So then, you've seen it. Need I say the next bit? Alright then, SUPPORT IT!


A new face!

So this was quite a big step as I loved the clock face look. But it was there to make it look more colorful and bolder. I've added smoke deflectors as well as a test but as always, this isn't the final version. So now that you've seen the new look, SUPPORT THE PROJECT!


3 Funnels and boiler mountings

With more ideas flooding in for lego trains, why not add it to the quintaplex! The funnel area has been tidied up and 3 funnels now sit there. I've also adding some mountings on the side of the boiler. This is a real detail and I really love the look of it! There links to videos and photos of the new look below. Now that you've seen the new changes, SUPPORT THE PROJECT!



In trying to buff the steampunk theme of the locomotive, I've made a few different piston rods. They both function perfectly and would be more suitable to the final model. Annoyingly, I can't get the pictures to appear on the update so I've put them on Flickr and youtube. That was a lot easier. Now that you've seen them, SUPPORT THE PROJECT!



There is a lot more to this train than people would imagine! For a maximum in depth look at the train, there are video links below. It is a dream to get more lego trains made, so why not a massive one?!

In depth overview - 

The quintaplex in action - 

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