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Big Red, The Quintaplex


Version 9.3 at full size

Turns out, I haven't posted a picture of the updated version of the quintaplex. It has loads of details and is still a stand out model for me, as well as the face of the railway. Just in case, there are links to flickr for the pictures as I've never seen adding pictures on here work at all.


Tender reduction surgery

With the first milestone achieved, I went ahead and dismissed the crane tender but kept the rear details and put them on the water tender.


QUICK UPDATE! New wheels or not?

So I have these old style wheels from another model and was wondering if they would look good on Big Red. Do you agree?


SERIOUS UPDATE! Enough with the tender chaos

Right then, enough of this. The steam locomotive needs water to be powered and a train this size requires a separate tender to hold it all in. The crane tender is too cool to get rid of so that's staying too. With a better tender now in place, SUPPORT!


NEW LOOK! More appropriate (sort of)

So I was pleasently surprised with the reactions to the battle tender and I've tried to steampunk it up a bit. I'm not going to go crazy with it but I may go back to it again in the future. So with the tender added, Big Red is now Version 9.3 and with that, GO SUPPORT!


STUPID UPDATE! Battle tender, yes I'm serious

This train is long enough already, this makes it too long and is not needed in general. But it's staying as I think it looks cool! In the final product, should this make it to the review stage, this part will not be in the final model for obvious reasons. So with this now a thing on my train, SUPPORT IT!



All the updates put together!


THE CLOCK RETURNS! And coal in the tender

Back by popular demand, the clock face is at the front of the engine once again. I am conflicted about it being there but I will leave it there for your sakes. I've also put coal details in the first tender as that is what the train is powered by. It looks infinitely better too! So now that you're happy about the clock face coming back, SUPPORT!


MINOR UPDATE! The clock returns and tall smoke

So that is where the clock is going and that is where it is staying. That is the executive decision. It may go back to the front one day but I'm keeping it as it is for now. So with that in mind, PLEASE SUPPORT!



These are the final details I'm making on the main boiler. The clock face will not be at the front anymore but I am trying to add that onto the first tender. So then, you know what's next: SUPPORT IT!

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