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Custom Lifted GMC Pickup Truck

This is a Custom Lifted GMC Pickup truck. I believe this might be a perfect Lego set because the truck in overall is really big and I'm pretty sure many people will like it. The color is all Green because why not! It took me about a week to design.

Does not have any feature though... But its a very big Pickup and I'm sure many people will love it! So do me a favor if you wanna see this in the store by supporting! I always wanted to be a Lego designer but never got a chance... so this is my only way of showing my creativity.

I customized the lights and sides to look more classic and I also added heavy duty suspension so it can look really tough and ready. The main reason I created this LEGO Design was to see how hard it is for a design to go from LEGO Ideas to the shop.

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